Appeal for the donation in favor of Jame Masjid Ihya-Us-Sunnah

Jame Masjid Ihya-Us-Sunnah appeals the Muslim Community to actively participate in the works of Dawah, Masjid, Madarsa, Educational and Welfare activities, to build a better islamic environment for the next generation. Jame Masjid Ihya-Us- Sunnah appeals you to kindly send Zakat funds to the educational and welfare society for the welfare programs, projects, work conducted by the society which is run by Jame Masjid Ihya us sunnah and spread the word among your family and friends.

May Allah help us fulfilling the task of assisting the Ummah of Muhammad(sallallahu alayhi wasallam) in the matters of Deen and Dunya.

May ALLAH make us front-liners in virtue and goodness.

May ALLAH make us love Quran and Sunnah, companions of Prophet Mohammed (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), the Great Imams and pious predecessors of Ummah.

May ALLAH make us steadfast on His Deen and make us follow the correct methodology of Prophet Mohammed (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Ameen to that.

How can you help us?

You can help Jame Masjid Ihya-Us-Sunnah, in empowering Muslim Ummah by giving Your valuable time, wealth and advices. You can volunteer for our various programs, like Duroos E Ilmiyyah, Weekly Islamic Orientation Program(seperate timing and arrangement for women), Arrangement of Taraweeh in Ramadhan for Women, Weekly lecturs for kids, Morning and Evening Islamic classes, Madarsa Ibn Abbas(RA), Academic Counseling, Promoting Islamic Lectures, Social Welfare Activities, Da’wah Activities and others.

Donate generously, in order for the smooth going to the various projects of Jame Masjid Ihya-Us-Sunnah provide your valuable feedback/advices which can help us to do better. You can also provide us literature and copies of Qur’an in English, Hindi, Telugu and Urdu Languages and other authentically recommended islamic books, which we distribute for free among the non-muslims and new-muslims.

You May Visit our office directly or Contact our Organizational for any further clarification.

Shukran wa Baarak Allaahu feek.




January 2020
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