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Activities at IHYA-US-SUNNAH Educational & Welfare Society

IHYA-US-SUNNAH facilitates all the required resources for Masajid under its banner, provides seperate entrance and arrangement for ladies whenever required.

IHYA-US-SUNNAH runs a magnificent library containing Islamic literature in various languages mainly English, Telugu, Urdu, etc. People from different walks of life come and sit together browsing through different subjects as per their likes and interests.

IHYA-US-SUNNAH believes in helping people learn more and spread knowledge through its library, for that purpose the library remains open for people of any age group. However, it focuses to keep authentic Islamic literature verified by the scholars of Salafi methodology. This is to provide authentic and pristine knowledge to the readers clean from any kind of heresy and corrupted methodology.

IHYA-US-SUNNAH arranges very efficient weekly programs every Sunday starting soon after Magrib prayer and ends before Isha'a prayer. In this progarm, every second and third sunday, the Tafseer of Quraan will be explained by Sheikh Hussain Madani and the rest of the sundays speakers are arranged to deliver lectures on some very important topics and as per the need and occassions.

IHYA-US-SUNNAH also arranges the same program, at same day and time, in Jungummet branch at Madrasa Haneef.

IHYA-US-SUNNAH conducts Dawrah Shariyah program, which is designed to provide the basic beneficial knowledge related to Aqeedah, Fiqh, Seerah and Tajweed for all age group students including women. This program is scheduled to run every sunday moring 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

Shaikh Hussain Madani delivers Dars-e-Qur'an precisely everyday after Fajr prayer.

The classes include Tajweed – correct Quranic pronunciation, memorizing of Quranic chapters with the intention of repeating those in 5 daily prayers, supplications that are needed in day to day life and Islamic moral values that help a person become true Muslim helping himself and his society.

In order to facilitate these classes, IHYA-US-SUNNAH conducts Morning Islamic Classes every day after Fajr prayers up to 1 hour at its office at ChasmaBibi Road, Jahannuma, Hyderabad.

For those who are not capable of attending Morning classes, IHYA-US-SUNNAH provides flexibility in terms of Evening Islamic classes as well.

For that purpose IHYA-US-SUNNAH conducts Islamic orientation classes that include Tajweed, memorizing of Quran confined to those chapters that are frequently read in 5 daily prayers.

Also the supplications needed in day to day life. Top of that it also helps students connect themselves with real and authentic Islam.

In order to help students learn authentic Islamic knowledge, IHYA-US-SUNNAH conducts classes every day starting one and half hour before Maghrib prayers at Masjid IHYA-US-SUNNAH and Madrasa Haneef, Jangammet, Hyderabad.

These evening classes are also conducted for all age group girls/women every day one and half hour before Maghrib prayers at H.No: 19-3-1089/A/80, Madina Colony, Hyderbad.

HYA-US-SUNNAH strives hard to help students memorize Quran by establishing the this school and provides classes to learn and memorize the Quran. The Madarsa operates every day from 9 AM to 3 PM.

The Prophet صَلَّى اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم said, "The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it." [Sahis Al-Bukhari].

It also helps poor and needy girls bear the expenses of the marriage. It also conducts Free Medical and Health camps along with free circumcision camps in the areas where people find hard to bear medical expenses. As a part of social welfare services, it also provides career guidance and employment training to those looking for better career choice.

IHYA_US_SUNNAH helps poor and needy girls bear the expenses of the marriage. It also conducts free Medical and Health camps along with free circumcision camps in the areas where people find hard to bear medical expenses. As a part of social welfare services, it also contributes to school fees of students who are unable to bear the tuition fee expenses.


Scheduled programs

  • Jum'a

    Friday Prayer

    Shaikh Hussain Madani Hafidhaullaah

    1:00 PM

  • Weekly Congregation

    For Men

    Shaikh Hussain Madani Hafidhaullaah

    Tawheed ki ahmiyyath

    After Maghrib Salah

    IHYA-US-SUNNAH Head office

    Head office

  • Weekly Congregation

    For Women

    Lady Speaker


    After Asr Salah

    IHYA-US-SUNNAH head office

    Head Office

  • Dawr-e-Shariyah #7

    Organized by Jamiat-e-Ahl-e-Hadees

    Abdullaah Umri


    Jan - April(4 months)

    Head Office

  • May Allah help us fulfilling the task of assisting the Ummah of Muhammad(sallallahu alayhi wasallam) in the matters of Deen and Dunya.

  • May ALLAH make us front-liners in virtue and goodness.

  • May ALLAH make us love Quran and Sunnah, companions of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), the Great Imams and pious predecessorsof Ummah.

  • May ALLAH make us steadfast on His Deen and make us follow the correct methodology of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). Ameen to that.


Appeal for the donation in favor of IHYA-US-SUNNAH

IHYA-US-SUNNAH Educational and Welfare Soceity appeals the Muslim Community to actively participate in the works of Dawah, Masjid, Madarsa, Educational and Welfare activities, to build a better islamic environment for the next generation. IHYA-US-SUNNAH appeals you to kindly send Zakat funds and donate generously in favor of IHYA-US-SUNNAH Educational and Welfare Society, for the works/projects undertaken by the society and spread the word among your family and friends.

How can you help us?

You can help IHYA-US-SUNNAH, in empowering Muslim Ummah by giving Your valuable time, wealth and advices. You can volunteer for our various programs, like Weekly Islamic Orientation Program(seperate timing and arrangement for women), Arrangement of Taraweek in Ramadhan for Women, Weekly lecturs for kids, Morning & Evening Islamic classes, Madarsa Ibn Abbas(RA), Academic Counseling, Promoting Islamic Lectures, Social Welfare Activities, Da'wah Activities and others.

Donate generously, in order for the smooth going to the various projects of IHYA-US-SUNNAH provide your valuable feedback/advices which can help us to do better. You can also provide us literature and copies of Qur’an in English, Hindi, Telugu and Urdu Languages and other authentically recommended islamic books, which we distribute for free among the non-muslims and new-muslims.

You May Visit our office directly or Contact our Organizational for any further clarification.

Shukran wa Baarak Allaahu feek.